Fair Trade USA Capture Fisheries Standard

Fair Trade USA believes that sustaining fish species means supporting global small-scale fishermen. As the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade goods in North America, Fair Trade USA delivers the environmental, economic, and social benefits of certification to over 1.2 million producers throughout the world. After over two years of due diligence with a variety of stakeholders and the formation of the Fair Trade Fisheries Advisory Council, we’ve adapted our time-tested agricultural certification model to create the world’s first Fair Trade Capture Fisheries Standard.

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The first comment period for the draft Fair Trade Capture Fisheries Standard closed on May 30, 2014. We intend to process the feedback we receive from public stakeholders and expert organizations in the field, as well as input from our Fisheries Advisory Council, to improve on this draft standard. Version 1.0 of the Fair Trade USA Capture Fisheries Standard will be published in early fall 2014, along with modifications and explanations.

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