Producer Profiles

SAMTFMACS - Small and Marginal Tribal Farmer Mutually Aided Cooperative Society

The Small and Marginal Tribal Farmers Mutual Aid Cooperative Society is a federation formed from multiple groups as the "Organic Coffee Project" initiative in Sothern India. It is located in the Eastern Ghats region, where most coffee in the country is grown. There are only a few coffee producing cooperatives in India. The organization works to generate alternate income sources to their members and community through sustainable agriculture. They hope to achieve self-sustainability and adopt organic practices in the future.


My wife and I are now eating three meals a day with seasoned vegetables, tamarind and occasionally chicken. We are confident we can give our children a better life than what our parents could give us.  

Bisoi Arjun

I will never give up coffee now. The coffee plants are like my children. Just as your children look after you when you are old, these plants will look after my family for many years. I earned Rs 11,505.00 from the coffee crop this year. I had never seen so much money in my life. Other farmers also grow coffee but our plantation coffee, with Naandi's marketing help, is giving us more than anything we have ever received.

Organic didn't mean much to me at first. I am not a farmer and I am illiterate. But, I saw the soil respond to the care we gave it. I have learned new things about growing coffee. The trainings from our coordinators have helped immensely.  

Gemmila Tikku

In the process of understanding how to grow coffee organically, we have also developed a greater community feeling and ownership that this is our future and we must take care of it. We are confident now we can solve our problems and plan ahead for ourselves.  

Kumbo, Vice President and Board Member