Producer Profiles

HUATUSCO - Unión Regional Pequeños Productores Café Huatusco

HUATUSCO was formed by a group of small-scale farmers in the Mexican state of Veracruz, after experiencing several unsuccessful government and development-agency projects aimed at assisting coffee producers in the region. These farmers united around the goal of lifting themselves out of poverty. The group of farmers was led by Manuel Sedas Rincón, a local teacher who believed their culture and economic and financial gains should not end up in the hands of multinationals or other large organizations, but rather in the hands of the farmers. Under his leadership, the farmers organized themselves into a group to sell their coffee.


“A minimum price should cover the costs of sustainable production, or in other words, this price should generate a positive impact on the quality of life of our partners and, strengthen the foundations of social development of our community, including the environment, health and housing.”  




HUATUSCO health brigades were trained to be local health care givers. Interventions in 2015 focused on illness prevention, ensured dynamic delivery of services, and improved long term practices of patients. Brigades develop dynamic skillsets based on the varied services they deliver. They are also natural links to their communities, which removes patients’ inhibitions. Since the brigades are local, they are on-call 24-7, contributing to the success, adoption, and accessibility of health care services.

Productivity & Quality

Cooperative-run nursery benefits those experiencing rust or aging plants. Many co-ops did not have nurseries on site. By growing their own seeds, HUATUSCO’s members were able to benefit from organic market prices, and they provided more jobs in a region struggling to combat coffee harvest losses from rust.

Producer Organizations

By strengthening its internal control system, HUATUSCO was able to monitor the growing practices of its members, ensuring adherence to various quality standards, and meeting external certification requirements. A positive result: HUATUSCO reduced its inspection time by 30%.