Producer Profiles

Hojaverde CIA Ltda / Hoja Verde Gourmet S.C.C.

Hoja Verde is a family owned flower farm located in Cayambe, Ecuador. The Cayambe area is the center of Ecuador’s flower industry. Due to its fertile volcanic soil, high altitude and strong sunlight, this region has one of the best climates in the world for growing roses. The region is also home to many indigenous people, some of whom trace their ancestry to the Kayambi ethnic group who fought against the Incas during the pre-Columbian era.

Hoja Verde has been Fair Trade Certified™ since 2002 and currently produces over 60 varieties of roses. Hoja Verde prides itself on being a socially responsible organization that focuses on human development and environmentally sustainable practices that will preserve land for future generations of flower growers.


My relatives say there are few businesses that give loans and so many benefits to their workers. They greatly admire everything Hoja Verde does for their workers.”  

Farinango Quishpe Maria Soledad, Hoja Verde Worker


Home Improvement and Construction Loan Program

In Ecuador, ineligibility for bank loans due to low incomes combined with extremely high interest rates make most loans inaccessible to the majority of workers. This means many workers are unable to buy land or make necessary home improvements. Hoja Verde, recognizing a critical need in the community, implemented a program that provides their workers with loans at low, feasible interest rates. With a an annual interest rate of 1 percent and maximum monthly payments of 65 US dollars (2012), Hoja Verde workers can purchase land, build new homes, and make home improvements without falling into crippling debt.

Children’s Health Program

With their Fair Trade premium, Hoja Verde established a health program for workers’ children. Realizing that treating illnesses alone was not sufficient, Hoja Verde created a system that made preventative healthcare a priority. Their health insurance program allows children to receive medical attention, treatment, vaccinations and vitamins for a low co-pay parents can easily afford.