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Grupo Agrosiete - Fincas Altamar, Altagracia y Altamira

Plantaciones America or Las Americas (formerly Grupo Agrosiete SAS) is a group of three banana farms from the Urabá region in Colombia founded in 1979. The organization became Fair Trade Certified™ not only to improve living conditions for their community, but also to increase productivity and overall product quality. Joint Body members have named their organization “Without Limits” and are truly working for the benefit of those less privileged in their region.


We are very thankful for the help you provide by buying our product, thanks to that, we were able to graduate and improve our lives and the lives of our children.  

Las Americas Workers Joint Statement


Emergency Fund

The Joint Body at Las Americas has allocated a part of Fair Trade premiums for a collective emergency fund for workers. This budget is intended for emergency expenses such as an unforeseen death, major medical procedures and natural disasters.

Environmental Projects

Las Americas workers use Fair Trade premiums to organize environmental trainings and workshops. They are currently implementing a reforestation program. Las Americas is very invested in conservation initiatives.