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DEL CAMPO RL - Cooperativas Multisectoriales Nicaragüense

Central de Cooperativas Multisectoriales De Importación Y Exportación Nicaragüense Del Campo, or “Del Campo” for short, is an association of 10 cooperatives distributed along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua that organize about 3,641 small sesame seed farmers. The cooperative was founded in 1997 in the spirit of addressing and overcoming the most fundamental issues that plague the Nicaraguan cooperative sector. Today, the organization also supports production of soybeans, peanuts, sesame seed oil, honey and jamaica and marañon tea flowers.

A recent partnership between Del Campo and the Nicaraguan Foundation for Technological Development, Agriculture and Forestry (FUNICA), and the World Bank resulted in training and technical assistance to about 1,000 sesame seed farmers (including 200 women members) from eight of Del Campo’s 10 cooperatives. The FUNICA project trained producers on sustainable environment practices including soil preservation, the use of eco-friendly fertilizers and product traceability. The organization exports 70 percent of its sesame seeds to markets in the US, Europe, Japan and Central America.