Producer Profiles

COAGRICSAL - Cooperativa Agrícola Cafetalera San Antonio

The Cooperativa Agrícola Cafetalera San Antonio, or COAGRICSAL, was founded in 1995 with one vision – improve the quality of lives in their community and preserve the environment. The harmonious relationship between human beings and the environment is something COAGRICSAL holds sacred. By centralizing their harvesting methods around environmentally sustainable practices, the cooperative acted to revive their effected ecosystems. Today, the cooperative includes 800 members, all of which have benefitted from their Fair Trade certification. Fair Trade premiums have allowed them to invest in community projects that help strengthen livelihoods, health, sanitation and education. From start to finish, farmers pay very close attention to the way their coffee is produced and hold high standards of quality. They sell primarily to specialty coffee markets reaching a variety of consumers on a global scale.


Construction of a health clinic

The cooperative began to construct a health clinic offering general medicine and dentistry at a low cost to member families.

New Coffee Dryers

The cooperative voted to invest Fair Trade premium in the purchase of two dryers which were desperately needed due to the high volume of coffee produced. With the addition of the new equipment COAGRICSAL is now able to dry its coffee at a much lower cost to producers and offer better quality coffee to buyers.

15 Student Scholarships

The cooperative elected to award a portion of their Fair Trade funds as scholarships to 15 students. The scholarships were awarded on a merit basis to middle school students to cover the payment of tutors, books, transportation and tuition fees.

Donation of Medical Kits

The cooperative has used their Fair Trade premium to strengthen access to medical care throughout the community by donating medical kits to schools, churches, community centers and other organized groups upon request.