Producer Profiles

Bonaman - Cooperativa de Pequeños Productores de Banano Bonito Amanecer

Although the banana producing Cooperativa Agrícola Latifundio Fincalati (FINCALATI) began in 1996, it did not become Fair Trade Certified™ until February 2009, marking it as one of the newer cooperatives to join the Fair Trade movement. They are situated in the municipality of Chigorodó, Colombia and work on an estimated 250 hectares of land. Before organizing into a cooperative, small producers struggled with the mid 1990’s drop in the banana market. Many were awaiting payments from eight months prior and other organizations they worked for owed them vacation time. Today, FINCAMALTI and its members are strong and growing. Affiliates have received fair prices for their product and bonuses that help finance their children’s education and other community development programs. The cooperative’s goal is to keep growing so their children will never be without a place to work.


Cash Bonuses for Members

FINCALATI has allocated Fair Trade premiums to a cash bonus program for members. This additional income helps families purchase food or fund any home expense. These types of cash infusions are especially significant during the recent economic downturn, where food sales dropped on a global scale.