Producer Profiles

APROCADOC - Associação dos Produtores de Café de Dois Córregos

Small producers in Dois Corregos, Sao Paulo, Brazil formed the Associação dos produtores de Café de Dois Córregos (UNICAFE) in 2006 to improve quality, business efficiency and their standard of living. The group became Fair Trade Certified™ in 2009 and made their first coffee sale under Fair Trade terms in August of 2010. The cooperative looks forward to using Fair Trade premiums to fund local projects and invest back into their production and community, all through collective, participative and democratically reached decisions.

UNICAFE is one of fifteen Brazilian Fair Trade Certified producer groups that participated in the 2007-2010 Responsible Sourcing Partnership (RSP) project. The RSP project is a result of a partnership between USAID, Fair Trade USA, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and SEBRAE-MG designed to improve the quality of Brazilian coffee, increase market linkages and raise producer capacity. Through the partnership, UNICAFE participated in numerous trainings to improve their coffee quality. The events and workshops included cooperative governance, business management, cupping and best practices post-harvest.


With what I have received from the Fair Trade premium, I have implemented a wet mill module and compost area for my organic farming, and I have improved my home by installing a bathroom inside it.  

Julio Llacsahuanga Quinde