Producer Certification

Producer Certification

Fair Trade USA is the leading certifier of Fair Trade Certified™ products in the United States. We audit Fair Trade supply chains for manufacturers and importers to ensure that all products labeled as Fair Trade Certified comply with our standards. We will soon begin to offer our comprehensive, cost-effective certification services for producers and exporters as well. To do so, Fair Trade USA has partnered with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a global leader in standards development and compliance with more than 25 years of experience.


Fair Trade USA connects farmers and workers with U.S. businesses to deliver impact through the sales of Fair Trade Certified products. Through Fair Trade, producers gain direct access to U.S. buyers as Fair Trade USA works with business partners to indentify available Fair Trade supply from producer groups and facilitate origin trips. Plus we host hundreds of producers at the annual SCAA conference to foster long-term relationships between buyers and seller. We also offer Co-op Link, a capacity building program that provides training, access to capital and unique solutions to pressing community needs. We work to increase awareness of Fair Trade in the United States to create more sales opportunities for producers. And we measure and report Fair Trade impact stories to create a deep and personal relationship between producers and their U.S. business partners.


Producers that are certified by FLO-CERT have worked hard to comply with standards and earn their Fair Trade certificates. Fair Trade USA will continue to recognize these certificates so that FLO-CERT certified producers are able, and encouraged, to sell their high-quality products to the U.S. market.


In addition to accepting FLO standards, Fair Trade USA is extending standards to more producer groups in more categories so that more people in more communities can benefit from Fair Trade. Over the past decade, Fair Trade USA has helped develop current FLO standards, contributing financially and through subject matter expertise. We will continue to use the FLO standards as the basis for future programs. We have engaged industry experts including SCS—and are developing Stakeholder Advisory Committees—to help us update and pilot more inclusive standards that will generate significantly more impact for farmers and farm workers.


If you wish to obtain more information on Fair Trade producer certification or have any questions, please contact Click here to find out more about FLO standards. And please contact us if you do not see a current standard for products that you produce.

As Fair Trade USA extends standards to more producer groups and categories, information will be made available at We look forward to working with you.