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Long respected in business tradition, third-party certification provides a credibility advantage in today’s increasingly sensitive business climate. According to a GlobeScan Study, 73% of consumers that are aware and familiar with the Fair Trade Certified label also trust it.

The Fair Trade Certified™ label ensures consumers that the farmers and workers behind the product got a better deal. It is more than a certification stamp and more than a seal of approval. It reassures consumers that their purchases are socially and environmentally responsible. It is the end result of a rigorous global inspection and monitoring system.

In order to used the Fair Trade Certified™ label on products, registration with Fair Trade USA is required.

Fair Trade USA makes every effort to protect partners who comply with the certification criteria and Fair Trade standards, as well as consumers who count on its integrity. In some cases, businesses that are not licensed by Fair Trade USA use the term "Fair Trade Certified" or the Fair Trade Certified label on their products. In others, companies registered with Fair Trade USA use the term or label incorrectly. Often, this misuse is simply a mistake. However, misuse of the label harms the integrity of the model for all stakeholders. We ask the help of our registered partners and consumer allies in identifying and reporting instances in which the term "Fair Trade Certified" or the Fair Trade Certified label are displayed in an incorrect or potentially misleading manner.

Protecting the Gold Standard

Identifying abuse of the Fair Trade and Label

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