Using Fair Trade Tea Infusions to Flavor Your Next Batch of Sweets

07/30/2009 - 1:11 PM

Using tea infusions is a simple and healthy way to add flavor and an interesting twist to your favorite treats.  Any dish that calls for milk or water can be substituted with an equivalent amount of strongly brewed tea.  For even more intense tea flavor and some added texture, you can grind the tea leaves finely and add them in like any other spice. Fair Trade certifies hundreds of different teas, as it’s one of our biggest product categories, so you’ll have plenty of choices to experiment with. Here are some ideas to get you started, but remember to be creative! Try pairing together unusual combinations and see what kind of culinary innovations arise.


Jams and Jellies: Try blending a few tablespoons of steeped Numi Tea’s Fair Trade Honeybush or Lemon Chamomile with your favorite fruit, like fairly traded apricots, for a morning spread with subtle herbal undertones.

Cookies: Use a plain cookie recipe like a shortbread to showcase the bold flavor of an Earl Gray or Breakfast Blend from Equal Exchange. Use just the tea infusion or add bits of ground tea leaves for even stronger notes. Just before baking, sprinkle the tops with Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Turbinado sugar.

Chocolate: From truffles to hot cocoa, chocolate is one of the best places to experiment because it pairs so well with a wide variety of different flavors. Try a classic combination with Choice's Moroccan Mint Tea or get more daring and try a rich black tea like Choice's Assam or Darjeeling.

Breads and Cakes: Add moistness and sweet floral undertones by brushing a mixture of Rishi's Wild Rose White Tea steeped with Wholesome Sweetener’s Fair Trade honey over the top of your finished cake or sweetbread.

Cheesecakes and Custards: Cut the richness of a cheesecake or crème brulee with a spicy, robust tea like Zhena’s Gypsy Tea’s Fireside Chai made with African rooibos.

Workers at the Dazhangshan Fair Trade Tea Farm in China
The best thing about using these Fair Trade teas as an ingredient in your next dish (besides impressing your friends, of course) is the impact it will have in the life of the farmer who grew it.  By buying Fair Trade Certified products, your purchase goes to supporting ethical and sustainable practices in developing nations.  All the teas we certify must meet strict standards for workers rights, safe farming techniques, environmental protection and a price that allows for a livable wage.  Additional social premiums must be invested into the local community for projects promoting goals like education, health, micro-finance and women’s advancement. So start experimenting and see what kinds of delicious surprises you can come up with! Share your favorite baked goods using Fair Trade tea below in the comments, we especially love photos!
07/30/2009 - 1:11 PM
07/30/2009 - 1:11 PM