Support Fair Trade USA with LevelUp

A cool, easy way to support Fair Trade, while earning rewards at your favorite neighborhood haunts

06/04/2013 - 3:01 PM

Fair Trade USA is excited to announce a new partnership with LevelUp. Not only can you get your morning cup of coffee fast and easy while earning rewards at your favorite haunts, you can help support schools, medical facilities and sustainable projects in developing communities. Join us in empowering farmers and farming co-ops all over the world. Using LevelUp gives a whole new meaning to every purchase matters.

When you use the LevelUp app, you can select to donate a percentage of your savings to Fair Trade USA to support our work with farmers around the world.  Best part?  LevelUp is offering Fair Trade USA fans (that’s you!) a $5 credit for any purchase.  That’s a free cup of coffee and a pastry…

Get Started with Level-Up 

Here are step-by-step instructions for using LevelUp to support Fair Trade USA:

  • Follow this link to sign up and earn a $5 credit here. Using the “fairtrade” code allows you to save and donate instantly when you pay with LevelUp for the first time.
  • Download the LevelUp app on your smartphone, open up Settings in the app, and scroll down to the My Account section
  • Select "Donate to a Cause When You Save"
  • To Select a Cause, hit the blue button on the bottom of the screen
  • To Support Fair Trade USA, scroll down the list of Causes (it's in alphabetical order), tap Fair Trade USA to select it (thanks!)
  • Now select the percent you'd like to donate each time you save
  • Once you've set the percentage bar, tap Select New Cause in the bottom left & you'll be ready to donate every time you save!

If you have any problems signing up, please email, they're happy to help!

Why Should You Donate to Fair Trade USA?

When you donate to Fair Trade USA, you are supporting our commitment to changing the lives of farmers and farm workers across Latin America, Asia and Africa. Fair Trade USA works to bring economic security, education, medical care, women’s empowerment and environmental sustainability to farming communities around the world. That $1 can go a long way. Since 1999, every $1 Fair Trade USA has spent has generated more than $5 in additional farmer and worker income.

In addition to working with companies to bring new Fair Trade Certified products to shelf, Fair Trade USA works directly with farmers to improve business skills, quality and develop market connections.  We also provide farming organizations with small grants to invest in their businesses to improve farming practices and attend industry events.


06/04/2013 - 3:01 PM
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