Sleep Better in 2017 with Fair Trade

01/13/2017 - 7:14 PM

The New Year is all about positive changes.  We aspire to do better, to be better – both to ourselves and those around us.  And while last year’s resolution to hit the gym every day certainly met one of those criteria (for a few days, anyway), what if this year you could make an even bigger change, one whose benefits reach all the way around the globe, just by getting a good night’s sleep?

Sleep matters. We spend around 1/3 of our lives in bed, building strength and stamina for the day ahead.  It’s critical to our well-being, so let’s make sure the people behind our favorite bedding products are also safe and healthy.  

Fair Trade makes it easy to use our sleep to empower those who grow and sew our favorite bedding products. By choosing bedding with the Fair Trade Certified seal, you can elevate that mid-day power nap or extended Sunday snooze into a powerful catalyst for good.

Need ideas? Here are a few of our favorite bedding essentials that make sleep matter.  From duvets to pillows, we have everything you need to help you stretch the impact of your sleep to workers across the globe. 




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Rest Easy with Fair Trade

For every Fair Trade Certified bedding or bedroom product sold, factory workers and/or cotton farmers earn additional money, called the Community Development Fund. This Fund helps worker communities address critical needs like transportation, healthcare for women, and disaster relief. The best part is, it’s up to them to decide how to use it based on their most pressing needs.

Getting to work used to be a hardship for factory workers at Raj Overseas in India.  Workers were often late due to the costly and unreliable public bus system, so they voted use their Fair Trade Funds to purchase bicycles.  Every worker now receives a bicycle once they’ve worked one year in the factory. This dramatically reduces the length and cost of workers’ daily commute time, while also increasing their independence. 

Preparing wholesome, affordable meals is important for workers in Rajlakshmi Mills factory in India.  That’s why they used their Fair Trade Funds to purchase cooking sets and induction cookers (hot plates) for everyone in the factory.  These cooking sets replaced costly gas stoves that required frequent refilling and forced workers to walk long distances carrying heavy tanks.  The new stoves save workers money and allow them to spend more time with their families.

After an earthquake devastated a community of factory workers at Everest Fashions in Nepal two years ago, the workers decided to use their Funds as a cash bonus for workers whose homes were damaged or destroyed. This gave affected workers and their families the means to rebuild and repair. The factory community was proud to be able to support its own in this time of need.


Sleep Better

These projects highlight the power of your sleep when you choose Fair Trade.  Imagine the joyful feeling of flopping onto your comfy bed at the end of a long day.  Now imagine the textile worker’s joy as she prepares a hot meal for family on her Fair Trade-funded stove, or spends an extra hour with her children thanks to her new bicycle.  Your Fair Trade bedding helps make these simple dreams many of us take for granted a reality. And that’s something that can help us all sleep better.


01/13/2017 - 7:14 PM
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