New Fair Trade Coffee Supports Breast Cancer Research

Weaver's Coffee & Tea Release New Seasonal Blend to Support Breash Cancer Research

02/09/2011 - 3:47 PM


This spring, join us in celebrating a new seasonal Fair Trade coffee blend that not only supports environmental sustainability and social responsibility, but that also supports women's health right here in our own communities. Weaver's Coffee & Tea has just released thier seasonal coffee, the Astral Blend. In addition to Weaver's committment to sustainable business practices, five percent of all sales of Astral Blend and Decaf Astral Blend will go to support breast cancer research funding for local hospitals and community organizations that provide breast health education, breast cancer screening and treatment.

Fair Trade on the Ground

As a symbol of women's empowerment, environmental sustainibility, social equality and community health, this seasonal blend is a true testament to the impact of Fair Trade certification. Let us introduce La Florida and COCAFCAL, two coffee cooperatives that not only provide the beans for the Astral Blend, but also give us insight into the ways that Fair Trade can change lives for the better.

Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida (La Florida)

A group of 100 small-scale coffee farmers from Peru’s Chanchamayo region came together in 1966 to form the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida (La Florida) in order to bypass local intermediaries. Their efforts have brought much-needed education, infrastructure, credit, and environmental restoration to their remote corner of the Peruvian jungle. The cooperative was devastated by the Shining Path, (a violent guerilla organization) in the 1980’s, yet today the cooperative has grown to include 849 members. La Florida has enjoyed dramatic benefits since becoming Fair Trade Certified in 1993. The Fair Trade premium has enabled Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida to establish various social and productive programs including: Education, Productive Investment, Environment, Health and Women’s Programs.

La Cooperativa Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL)

La Cooperativa Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL) is located in Western Honduras in the buffer zone of the Celaque National Park, a cloud forest that contains the highest mountain in the country. The COCAFCAL area of influence covers 12 communities in the municipalities of San Pedro, Copan and Corquin, Copan.

COCAFCAL's mission is to promote the sustainable development of the local economy in the southern region of Copan, Honduras. It strives to develop financial, technical, productive and marketing services within the framework of its cooperative. Their ultimate goal is to reduce poverty and increase the quality of life in the rural communities of Western Honduras. COCAFCAL’s programs benefit approximately 2,500 people. Active members are dedicated to growing sustainable conventional, organic and Fair Trade coffees. The cooperative's General Assembly has 10 members, nine of who are women. The General Assembly manages the democratic use of the Fair Trade premium, which has enabled COCAFCAL to purchase new equipment for processing coffee and environmentally-friendly cooking stoves, as well as fund an environmental stewardship campaign and a community soccer field.

Spread the Word, Inspire Change

Aside from asking you to choose Fair Trade coffee as often as possible, we support our partner's at Weavers in asking you to go a step further and tell a friend about buying Fair Trade Certified.  If more people can change the way they shop, they can truly begin to change the world. Because as the saying goes, "Every Purchase Matters."

If Fair Trade Certfied and Certified Organic products inspire you as a shopper, then giving the Astral Blend 3 Gift Set might be the perfect way to show someone you care this Valentine's Day. Click the links below and enter the free shipping code!

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02/09/2011 - 3:47 PM
02/09/2011 - 3:47 PM