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Lift your glass to Fair Trade Wine Night!

05/24/2010 - 10:48 AM

Red or white? Why not one of each!TransFair USA recently hosted San Francisco’s first ever Fair Trade Wine Night. More than 400 people celebrated by visiting select wine bars across the city and ordering a glass (or two) of Fair Trade Certified wine. Best of all – wine bars donated $1 of every glass sold to TransFair USA! Donations support TransFair USA's work to improve the lives of Fair Trade farmers across the globe. What happens when you drink fairly? Wine producers earn a stable, fair price for their product . Your choice to lift your glass to Fair Trade during a night on the town improves the quality of life for wine producers across Chile, Argentina, and South Africa. Who knew it was so easy to have fun and do good at the same time?

So what does it take to organize a Fair Trade Wine Night where you live? Step 1: Pick a date (Thursday works best). Give yourself two-three months to get everything done at an easy pace. Get a few friends to share the work. Visit your local bar(s), chat up the bartenders and managers, and invite them to get involved. Step 2: bottle-with-label1Check back in with bar staff to find out if they are willing to order two - three cases of Fair Trade wine for the night.  Ask the bar if they will donate $1 - $2 of every glass sold to TransFair USA and help promote the event with posters, postcards, e-mails and messages on Facebook and Twitter. Step 3: Promote! Start six weeks beforehand. Set up a Facebook page for the event and invite all of your friends. Ask your friends invite their friends. Reach out to local newspapers, bloggers and radio stations to get them to announce the event. Step 4: Follow up. Two weeks before the event, make sure participating bars have stocked Fair Trade Certified wine. Remind friends to attend. Step 5: On the night of the event, be sure to visit the bar and order Fair Trade wine. Thank bar staff for participating. Greet guests. Have fun. Take photos. Encourage everyone to Lift their glass to Fair Trade! Questions? We're happy to help. Contact Rachel Lee Holstein, Resource Development, Individual & Corporate Giving ( or Kazuko Golden, Business Development Floral, Wine & Spirits Accounts Manager (


05/24/2010 - 10:48 AM
05/24/2010 - 10:48 AM