Fair Trade USA Donors Are Sharing the Love

Share the Love This Valentine's Day by Giving a Gift of Fairness

02/10/2011 - 5:03 PM

This Valentine’s Day, share the love with Fair Trade USA to help support our work to bring Fair Trade to even more farmers and workers than ever before. Join people like Robin Karadayi, who says she donates to Fair Trade USA because “Fair Trade provides a vehicle - accessible by anyone at any level of income - for worldwide impact.  I’ve sought to make a difference in the lives of others on an individual level and through many organizations, but I find it’s truly difficult to see a difference.  This is where Fair Trade USA stands out.”

Fair Trade USA is a nonprofit organization that depends on donations from people like you and Robin to support farmers and workers across the globe. With your help we provide critical training and market access to Fair Trade cooperatives. We also use your tax-deductible contribution to bring more farmer and worker groups into the Fair Trade system so that as many communities as possible benefit from Fair Trade prices and standards.

“Uniquely, Fair Trade USA allows us to make a difference, not only through charitable donations, but through the choices we as consumers make when we buy products for our daily sustenance. My monthly donations are another way to support specific causes like Fair Trade USA and to give children worldwide better education and better opportunities in life.” - Robin Karadayi, Fair Trade USA donor

You can share your commitment to Fair Trade with your sweetheart by giving them a Gift of Fairness. Celebrate Valentine’s Day and change the world at the same time! Click here to find out more and choose a gift like “Give a Woman a Fair Wage” or “Give a Woman a Gavel.” Then designate someone special to receive your new Gift of Fairness and personalize an e-card for them. Hint: this is a wonderful last-minute gift!

To learn more about Fair Trade and its impact worldwide visit

For more sweet gift ideas, check out our Fair Trade Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

02/10/2011 - 5:03 PM
02/10/2011 - 5:03 PM