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Fair Trade Father's Day

06/19/2009 - 4:17 PM
Every year for Father’s Day, I find myself stumped over gift ideas. From slippers and ties to wristwatches, pens and the coupon book I made when I was six years old, I’ve given my dad nearly every conventional Father’s Day gift. For those of you looking for some unique, meaningful gift ideas this year, why not make your Father’s Day gift Fair Trade Certified? A Fair Trade Certified gift is one with far-reaching global benefits that not only preserves our environment, but also improves the livelihood of farming communities. Now that’s a good gift to give! Still stumped? Here are a few ideas: If your dad isA brewing cup of Fair Trade CoffeeAddicted to Coffee: You either can treat him to a cup of Fair Trade Certified joe at your local café, or you can buy him some high-quality Fair Trade Certified coffee to enjoy for his daily morning brew. Fair Trade Wine …A Wine Connoisseur: Look for a variety of Fair Trade Certified wines sourced from some of the most prestigious wine-producing regions, including Argentina, Chile, and South Africa. chocolate2 …A Chocolate Lover: Whether he prefers the subtle bitterness of rich, dark chocolate or the creamy taste of milk chocolate, your dad is sure to appreciate a box of gourmet chocolates made from Fair Trade Certified cocoa beans. There are Fair Trade Certified cocoa suppliers throughout the United States that have introduced a diverse range of flavors in their chocolate that make for a delectable treat! sports-ball2 …An Athlete or Sports Enthusiast: With Fair Trade Certified sports balls for soccer, football, and basketball, your gift not only complements his passion for sports, but also ensures that the adult workers who made the balls received a fair wage for their labor. To find out which retailers near you carry fair trade certified products, visit Where to Buy.
06/19/2009 - 4:17 PM
06/19/2009 - 4:17 PM