Coco Libre Launches New Line of Fair Trade Certified Coconut Waters

Q&A with Coco Libre Founder Mark Shaw

08/21/2014 - 11:02 AM

Viva la (coconut) revolución! As the folks at Coco Libre like to say, they’re liberating organic coconut water trapped inside young green coconuts. Coco Libre is one of the newest coconut waters to be Fair Trade Certified. We asked Founder and CEO Mark Shaw and his team over at Coco Libre a couple of questions about the many health benefits of coconut water and why they support Fair Trade.   

Q: Why did Coco Libre decide to source Fair Trade Certified coconut water?

The basic answer is that we care about investing in our coconut farmers.  In the Philippines, about 60% of small-scale coconut farmers live in poverty, and we are confident that our partnership with Fair Trade can help address this issue and coconut farming communities thrive.  Upon the creation of Coco Libre our immediate commitment was sourcing our coconut water from a single region, and the Philippines was the perfect place to look at for supply; the country has an abundant supply of coconut water.  Also, being able to invest in the lives of the people who supply our coconuts was of the utmost importance to us.  That’s why we decided to work together with Fair Trade and our suppliers in the Philippines to make this happen.  As a company that is focused on healthy beverages that benefit our consumers, it is just as important to know that we are part of an organization that also ensures that the growers of our product benefit as well! 

Coco Libre Launches New Line of Fair Trade Certified Coconut Waters

Coconut farmers in the Philippines voting on the best ways to invest their Fair Trade premiums to improve their community.  Some of the most popular ideas were a scholarship fund and a disaster-relief fund.

Q: What do you want the world to know about Coco Libre?

Coco Libre is the first company to deliver USDA Organic, Fair Trade certified, no-sugar added coconut water to the marketplace. We've taken elaborate steps to package our coconut water with people we trust. We don't add sugar or sodium metabisulfite to the coconut water like many of our competitors. Our aim is to deliver great-tasting, organic coconut water beverages that deliver the nutrients that consumer desire while also providing a consistent and delicious taste and giving back to and caring for our growers in the Philippines.

Coco Libre Launches New Line of Fair Trade Certified Coconut Waters

Q: Why drink coconut water?

Coconut water not only is refreshing, but delivers five electrolytes. It is high in potassium and magnesium and also has calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. It is refreshing like water, but also delivers key nutrients.

Q: Do you have any favorite coconut water recipes?

We found that a lot of consumers, as well as many of our employees, were using our coconut water as the base of their protein shakes. So we went ahead and developed 3 recipes that are by far our favorites and made them available to the public through Coco Libre Protein.  We wanted people to be able to get the benefits of a protein drink and our coconut water.  So we mixed our organic, Fair Trade Certified, no-sugar added coconut water with hormone free, grass fed protein, and with flavors derived from ingredients like Madagascar Vanilla & Dutch Cocoa. The result: a no added sugar - protein beverage with as much protein as three eggs, as much calcium as two cups of milk, as much potassium of a banana, as much magnesium of two cups of broccoli, five electrolytes, and has 23 vitamins and minerals. It is Fair Trade Certified, gluten free & non GMO. It’s like having a healthy smoothie bar in your own fridge!

Coco Libre Launches New Line of Fair Trade Certified Coconut Waters

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